Magic Liners (Transparent, Black or Brown Liner ONLY)

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Our Magic liners are applied via a felt tip for a smooth an familiar finish. You don’t have to worry about messing up eyeliner if it isn’t your forte!

Simply draw and stick your lashes on the our Magic Liner for that natural, lash extensions look! No glue, no magnets, it just works, and it’s super strong and long-lasting. You can use any falsies with this look.


  • You may apply the Transparent Magic Liner on eyeshadow or another liner, but it may stain the brush a little. The next time you use the liner it might have a bit of residual colour.
  • If you wear eyeliners for your usual look, we recommend going for the Black or Brown liner, the latter looking more natural.
  • Do not apply eyeshadow on the Transparent Magic Liner before applying falsies or it will lose its adhesive property. After applying falsies it’s ok to apply eyeshadow on the Liner.