Step 1: Place your magnetic lashes over your natural lashes, to see if it is the right length for you. If not, you can trim one magnet's length away.

Note: for best results, if there is excess lash beyond the inner corner's magnet, it is also advisable to trim it away or it might pop out!

Step 2: Apply magnetic eyeliner generously over your lash line.

Important: Wait for eyeliner to completely dry before applying lashes! Try to avoid letting the liner touch your own lashes as it is quite tacky and might stick to your own eyelashes, making it difficult to remove.

Step 3: Attach the magnetic lashes on the eyeliner, from inner corner to out, as close to your own lashes as possible.

Leave a little space at the inner corner otherwise it will be uncomfortable. It should stick easily. If you need to reapply, you might need a fresh layer of liner.

Step 4: Simply pluck off your lashes and store them safely! To remove eyeliner, just use makeup remover and wipe, or a cotton bud for more precise removal.

If there is liner residue on the magnet pieces, use some makeup remover to scrap it off, lashes can be reused as many times as you want!