Transparent Magic Liner Set

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Transparent liner? What’s the point you ask? It’s for girls who want lashes, but don’t want the liner! This is our most subtle look and mimicks just lash extensions. It is also a perfect solution for you if you prefer pencil liners or have smaller double eyelids and still want your double eyelids to be obvious without liner on. Not too good with drawing liners? No problem, now nobody can see your mistakes because this is invisible!

Our felt tip transparent liner is perfect for a casual daily look. The eyeliner is waterproof and smudge proof, but best of all it is magical - apply like a normal liner, then stick the lashes on the liner. No glue needed, it is that easy! And it holds extremely well! Do shake before use. Easy to remove after with makeup remover.

The set comes with:

  • One pair of pretty lashes with a transparent band to match the liner, but feel free to use any other style or even your Plastic Cosmetic Magnetic Lashes, it still works!

  • One cute iridescent pouch. With either slogan “More is More” or “Life in Plastic It’s Fantastic”, one design will be given at random.

  • One cute eye/body glitter
    Featuring cute snowflakes, sakura flowers, butterflies, moons, hearts and stars encased in glitter - everything that is adorable. Put it on eyelids, cheekbones, collarbones… anywhere you want really!

    You can even apply it under a layer of clear gel nail polish! It is bound to draw eyes to you. Add a small amount on festive occasions like Christmas or birthdays for a little sparkly edge, or pile it on to stand out… you do you!

    Our glitter applies wet and dries after. Removal is easy, just wipe off with water or micellar water.